19" mini server 1HE 'Emu A6FL' - quad-core Celeron, fanless

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19-inch 1U server-system short 'Emu A6.1 FL' - quad-core Celeron, dual LAN, fanless

The Emu A6FL is a fanless and completely noiseless 1U IPC system based on a quad-core Celeron CPU (intel celeron J1900 with 4 x 2.0GHz). It unifies a energy efficient design with high performance and various application options in a compact 1U chassis that is only 25cm long.

Fanless and absolutely silent

We designed this completely fanless server-system for use-cases where no active cooling of the chassis is desired: For example as stage light control for drama and concerts. Or just as a small office device for less computation intense tasks that doesn't emit any noise.

By abandoning all rotating or moving parts we were able to design a system that works absolutely silent. The integrated 150W Fortron power supply is fanless and provides enough power for the installation of SSDs and PCI expansion cards. Throughout the chassis we also omitted any active cooling - the mainboard is cooled by additional passive heatsinks which we applied to certain temperature-critical components. The manufacturer Gigabyte also uses high-quality solid capacitors that are specified with an endurance of 50,000 hours at 85°C operation temperature.

Additionally we configure the BIOS to reduce the CPU's clock speed at 85°C respectively to fully shut down the system at 100°C. Though we never measured such temperatures during our long-term stress tests. Nonetheless we don't recommend a continuous operation in an unventilated environment. The system is especially suited for intermediate term uses as for stage events, as office PC in a library or similar. For a 24/7 usage we recommend the silent variant of the system which comes with three silent fans and is almost inaudible.

Ultra compact and robust

The just 25 cm long chassis holds a Gigabyte GA-J1900N-D3V mainboard equipped with a passively cooled intel Celeron J1900 quad-core CPU and - in the base configuration - 4GB Kingston DDR3L-1333 RAM (max. 8GB DDR3L). The mainboard offers two Gigabit LAN adapters, an onboard graphics adapter with DVI-D and D-Sub connectors, two serial interfaces (COM ports), two SATA connectors (SATA-300) as well as an onboard sound card.

A 32 bit PCI slot can be used with an optional riser card for expansion. The averaged TDP of the system with a connected SSD is about 20W.

The high-quality and robust 1U chassis with fanless 150W Fortron FlexATX power supply is a robust platform also for usage in tough environments. The common control elements and LEDs as well as two USB 2.0 ports are located on its front.

Energy-efficient design

With a TDP of just 10W the intel Celeron J1900 quad-core CPU is one of the most economic and efficient CPUs currently available. The System-on-a-Chip integrates a several functionalities such as a graphics adapter and a SATA controller. Alternate versions of this systems with a standard cooling or with three exremely silent, decoupled 40mm chassis fans are available.

Compatibility and Extendability

In opposite to the systems with intel D2500 Atom CPU the Emu A6FL also supports the installation of a x86-64bit Windows operationg system (Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1).

The base version of the system is shipped with 4GB DDR3L-1333 Kingston Low Voltage RAM - an extension up to 8GB ist possible. The integrated 32bit PCI slot can be used for expansion via an optional riser card. The system is capable of installing two 2.5" hard drives / SSDs or one 3.5" hard disk; an installed 3.5" drive will cover the space needed to use the PCI slot. Please choose your configuration below.

Product contents

The assembled system will be tested thoroughly by us before delivery. All mainboard assecories, two matching SATA cables, a power supply cable and small parts are included. The product contains no operating system.


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Quality Anders S., 28.09.2016

The server delivered fully installed. BIOS settings with good default values, that gives quick OS-installation. The server completely quiet and good sense of high quality. Good combination of performance to match low power consumption. Im very satisfied

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