19-inch 1U server-system short 'Emu A1.1' - quad-core Celeron, mini ITX

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The succeeding model "Emu A1.2" can be found at the following link:
19-inch 1U server-system short 'Emu A1.2' - quad-core Celeron, mini ITX

The 'Emu A1.1' is the most cost-effective of our 19-inch 1U systems. It is based on an extremely energy-saving Intel Celeron J3160 quad-core processor and is equipped in the basic version with Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, D-Sub VGA port and HDMI as well as 4GB DDR3 RAM. Various expansion options - such as the installation of SSDs - are possible as an option.

intel Celeron
Gigabit LAN Gigabit LAN max. 8GB RAM 8GB RAM max. 25cm short
25cm short

Cost-effective entry-level system

Purchasing a rugged 19-inch rack-mount computer system with a 1U form factor is now possible even with a limited budget. This cost-effective system is suitable for most simple tasks and provides all basic skills of a modern PC system. P>

Ultracompact and robust h3>

The very compact and robust 1U housing is suitable for use under tougher ambient conditions. On the front you will find the usual controls and LEDs as well as a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 port. Within the 250mm short case, an ASRock J3160B-ITX motherboard with intel Celeron J3160 quad-core CPU and 4GB Kingston DDR3L-1600 RAM work together. The mainboard offers a Gigabit LAN connection, an onboard graphics card with HDMI and D-Sub VGA port, an onboard sound card, several USB 3.0 connections and, of course, two internal SATA connectors (6.0 GB / sec). The serial port (COM port / RS232) as well as the parallel port provide direct connection to many older peripherals.

With a TDP of only 6W, the Intel J3160 Quad-Core Celeron processor is one of the most economical and power-efficient processors on the market. In the basic version, the system comes with 4GB DDR3L-1600 main-memory (max. 8GB). In addition, one or two 2.5" SSD's can be integrated into the system. Please select your desired options within the configuration-tool below.

Scope of delivery h3>

After system-assembly, the completed system receives an extensive and thorough system-test before being shipped. Included in the scope of supply are - apart from the server-system - the complete mainboard-accessories, a screw-kit, a power-cord (please contact us if you need a special cord) and two matching short-length SATA-cables for hassle-free cabling of your devices.
The system will be shipped without operating-system..


19-inch 1U server-system (base-configuration)
yakkaroo "Emu A1.1"

CPU: intel Quad-Core Celeron J3160
- Quad Core / 4 x 1,6 GHz
- intel Celeron "Braswell" micro-architecture
- 2M L2 cache
- 6W TDP
Mainboard: ASRock J3160B-ITX
- slots: 1 x PCI-Express x1 Rev 2.0 slot (only usably with optionally available riser-card and when using 2,5" harddisks)
- RAM: two slots for DDR3/DDR3L-1600 up to a maximum of 8GB
- form-factor: mini ITX
- SATA Controller: 2-channel SATA3 / 6.0GBit/sec.
- graphics: intel HD-Graphics / D-Sub VGA and HDMI connectors
- audio: onboard Realtek 7.1
- LAN: onboard Realtek RTL8111GR Gigabit network-card
- 4 x USB 3.0 connectors (2 x at the rear, 1 x internally, 1x front-panel)
- 6 x USB 2.0 Anschlüsse (2 x at the rear, 1 x at the front-panel, 3 x internally)
- 1 x serial-port (RS-232)
- 1 x parallel-port
RAM: 4GB Kingston DDR3L-1600 / one module with 4GB
Harddisk: none installed
- please note the restrictions concerning expansion cards when installing a 3,5" harddisk
Netzteil: 200W Enhance ENP-7020 FlexATX power-supply
- with PFC, 80PLUS Bronze certification and 4cm fan
Gehäuse: 19" 1U rack-mount server-chassis / black - IPC 1U-K-125L - only 25cm deep
- internal installation-capabilities for two 2,5" harddisks/ssd's or one 3,5" harddisk (when using a 3,5" harddisk there is no room left for installation of an expansion-card in the system)
- supports installation of one expansion-card via an optional riser-card with extender (please see "accessories" below)br> - dimensions (WxHxH): 480mm x 250mm x 45mm
Box contents: 1U server-system, mainboard-accessories, chassis-accessories, two matching short SATA cables, one power-cable and a screw-kit


When using a 3,5" harddisk in this system, there is not enough room left for the integration of an expansion-card with a riser-card. This integration is only possible, when using 2,5" harddisks or SSD´s.


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