19-inch 1U server-system short 'Emu A2FL' - Atom, dual LAN, fanless

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Manufacturer: yakkaroo
The "Emu A2FL" belongs to our most compact and power-efficient 19" rack-mounted server systems. It is based on an intel D2500CCE mainboard with intel Atom D2500 dual-core processor (2 x 1,86GHz), equipped with 4GB DDR3 Kingston RAM, DUAL gigabit LAN and several expansion-possibilities - all in a very robust 1U chassis with only 25cm depth.

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The "Emu A2FL" belongs to our most compact and power-efficient 19" rack-mounted server systems. It is based on an intel D2500CCE mainboard with intel Atom D2500 dual-core processor (2 x 1,86GHz), equipped with 4GB DDR3 Kingston RAM, DUAL gigabit LAN and several expansion-possibilities - all in a very robust 1U chassis with only 25cm depth.

Fanless & absolutely silent

We designed this completely fanless server-system for areas of application where no active cooling of the chassis is desired: for example in industrial areas, as a control-system for demanding environments, where no dust should enter the chassis - which might impair rotating parts inside of the system in relatively short time. Furthermore for fields of application where an absolutely silent system is needed - for example as a lighting-control system on concert-stages or theatres. Generally, the system is ideal for all situations where a very compact system is needed for specific operations that require limited computing-power whilst emitting zero noise.

By excluding all rotating or moving parts we were able to design a system that works absolutely silent. The integrated 150W Fortron power-supply is fanless and provides enough power for the installation of SSD's and PCI expansion-cards. Throughout the chassis we also excluded all active cooling - the mainboard is being cooled by additional passive heatsinks, which we applied to certain temperature-critical components. Even during a long-term test under full load we could not measure any critical temperatures on the mainboard. The average TDP of the system with an SSD drive connected is approximately at 20W.

Ultra-compact, robust and efficient

Manufactured with high quality and combined with a fanless 150W Fortron FlexATX power-supply this 1U rack-mounted system is a very robust platform for a wide field of applications - even under demanding conditions. Installation in a 19-inch server-rack or network-cabinet can alternatively be carried out with the chassis turned by 180 degrees for direct access to the connectors at the rear of the system. For this case, it is possible to integrate a second set of control-buttons and LEDs into the back-side of the chassis. The primary set of controls is integrated into the front-panel - as well as two USB 2.0 ports.

Within a depth of only 250mm this system combines an intel D2500CCE mainboard with intel Atom D2500 dual core processor and 4GB Kingston DDR3-1066 RAM. The mainboard is equipped with Dual gigabit LAN ports, an onboard graphics card with D-Sub VGA and DVI connector, an onboard soundcard, two external serial ports and two internal SATA-2 connectors (3.0 GB/Sek.).

Having a TDP of only 10W, the intel D2500 Atom dual-core processor belongs to the most economical and power-efficient processors on the market to this date. Paired with the intel D2500CCE mainboards "NM10 Express" chipset - which consumes an additional 2W - the combined TDP for processor (incl. graphics) and chipset is at the enormously low value of only 12W.

Even in its base-configuration we equip this system with the maximum memory-expansion of 4GB. Furthermore it is possible to integrate one or two 2,5" SSD's - please choose your desired options within the configuration-tool.

Scope of supply

After system-assembly, the completed system receives an extensive and thorough system-test before being shipped. Included in the scope of supply are - apart from the server-system - the complete mainboard-accessories, a screw-kit, a power-cord (please contact us if you need a special cord) and two matching short-length SATA-cables for hassle-free cabling of your devices. The system will be shipped without operating-system.


19" 1U server system - yakkaroo "Emu A2FL" (base-configuration)
CPU: intel dual-core Atom D2500
- dual core / 2 x 1,86 GHz
- intel "Atom" micro-architecture
- 1M L2 cache
- 10W TDP
Mainboard: intel D2500CCE with dual gigabit LAN
- chipset: intel NM10 Express
- slots: 1 x 32bit PCI standard slot (only usably with optionally available riser-card and when using 2,5" harddisks instead of a 3,5" harddisk)
- RAM: two slots for DDR3-800 / DDR3-1066 up to a maximum of 4GB
- form-factor: mini ITX
- SATA controller: 2-channel SATA2 / 3.0GBit/sec.
- graphics: onboard intel GMA 3600 / DVI and D-Sub connector / supports Dual Display
- audio: onboard Realtek 4-channel
- LAN: onboard DUAL gigabit network-card (2 x intel 82574L)
- integrated Mini PCI-Express Slot
- 6 x USB 2.0 connectors (4 x onboard / at the rear - 2 x at the front-panel)
- up to 8 x USB 2.0 connectors (4 x at the rear, 2 x at the front panel, 2 x internally)
- two serial ports (RS-232)
RAM: 4GB Kingston DDR3-1066 / zwei Module á 2GB
Harddisk: none installed
- please note the restrictions concerning expansion cards when installing a 3,5" harddisk
Power-supply: 150W Fortron FSP150-50TNF FlexATX power-supply
- with active PFC
- fanless
Chassis: 19" 1U rack-mounted server-chassis / black - IPC-C125B - only 25cm deep
- internal installation-capabilities for two 2,5" harddisks/ssd's or one 3,5" harddisk (when using a 3,5" harddisk there is no room left for installation of an expansion-card in the system)
- supports one 32bit PCI expansion-card via an optional riser-card with extender (please see "accessories" above)
- the system can be integrated into the server-rack with its rear-side at the front (180 degree turned / for "rear-access") - for direct access to the connectors on the backside of the chassis
- dimensions (WxDxH): 430mm x 250mm (+ 45mm / retractable handles) x 43,5mm
Box contents : 1U server-system, mainboard-accessories, chassis-accessories, two matching short SATA cables, one power-cable and a screw-kit


Please note the reduced compatibility of the intel Atom chipsets regarding 64bit Windows operating-systems. Up to now, intel does not provide appropriate graphics-drivers for these operating-systems. However, installation of 32bit Windows operating-systems is not a problem.

When using a 3,5" harddisk in this system, there is not enough room left for the integration of an expansion-card with a riser-card. This integration is only possible, when using 2,5" harddisks or SSD´s.

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